July 21, 2009

How Memoirs Unlimited began

My grandfather, Daniel Bull, was the son of the founder of the Cream of Wheat Company. Born in Grand Forks, North Dakota, in 1886, Granddad stood at his father's deathbed when he was just eleven years old and heard his father say, "You're the man of the family now, Dan." Granddad took this to heart, caring for his mother and two sisters as well as he could. Trained as an engineer, he was asked to take over management of Cream of Wheat at the end of World War I. He ran the company at its Minneapolis headquarters until the late 1950s, when my father, Dave Bull, took over. In 1961, Cream of Wheat was sold to Nabisco and our family moved to suburban Connecticut so that Dad could go to work for the NYC-based cookie and cracker company.

Back home in Minnesota, Granddad soon sat down to write his memoir. It was as honest and plainspoken as he was. "This is the life story of a country boy born in Grand Forks, North Dakota," it begins. Through three dozen pages of single-spaced typing, strewn with typos, Granddad told his story, just for us grandchildren and for his two surviving children. Twenty years later, I thought of the Xerox copy I still kept in a strong box and realized: "If Granddad wanted to write his memoir at age eighty, there must be many other men and women of that age who would like to do the same." So, inspired by Dan Bull, and encouraged by Dave Bull, Webster Bull started Memoirs Unlimited, Inc. Twenty-one years later we have published about sixty works of personal, family, and business history.


  1. I the resemblance. Good luck with the blog! Next you'll have to do a post about your father!

  2. Hi Webster - how very interesting! I read this after emailing you. Is this "Memoirs Unlimited" still on the go?